Wednesday, August 15, 2012

"Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns." *

When I had my dachshund, Frappy, she was the light of my life. A beautiful Isabella dachshund (think Weimeraner on short legs), she was quite the little independent diva. One day, she lost use of her back legs. It turned out that she'd ruptured a disc in her back. To save her, we needed to do surgery...and it was going to cost $3,000 that I just didn't have.

Frappy Hart

The woman who had sold Frappy to me still loved "our" little girl, too, and started a ChipIn for me to help offset the cost of the surgery. People I never knew, will never know, donated various amounts of money and raised $500 for me. I used that money to pay back my uncle who had fronted me the money for Frappy's surgery. The surgery was successful and Frappy lived another six months. At that time, she ruptured a second disc. However, that time, they weren't able to repair the damage and I had to put her down.

However, when she had her surgery, I showed up at the veterinary hospital to pick her up, only to find a gift bag and card for her. The nurses told me that someone whose dog had the same surgery several months ago had read about Frappy through the ChipIn, and wanted to reassure me that she'd be fine. There was a little shirt for her to wear to cover the surgical scar until her fur grew back, as well as a note from "Lucy" to Frappy, to tell her how well she'd recovered from her own surgery. Lucy is a beautiful doxie owned by an amazing woman named Susan Rear, and her note and generosity meant the world to me. Everyone's generosity was such an amazing thing, but Susan went above and beyond with that shirt and note. I cried and grinned.

Now it is my turn to start a ChipIn for Susan and Lucy. Lucy ruptured a huge disc earlier this week and had to have surgery to repair it. She's standing now and will recover well according to the surgeon. However, Susan has had a really rough year. She has lost her sister to cancer. Her husband, who had cancer treatment last year, has had his cancer return -- he is being treated for it, but there is no cure, and he has a prognosis of approximately one year. Lucy has been with Susan for eight years -- through all kinds of ups and downs, and she needed to keep Lucy with her for what is going on in her life now and what is coming up. As I said, Lucy has had the surgery, but it would be awesome if all of us could chip in a little bit to help Susan pay off that bill.

If you can donate any amount, I will make sure that Susan and her vet get everything that has been donated for her bills. It's my turn to chip in and help facilitate passing a blessing on to someone else. I hope you will join me in "paying it forward" and being part of the "boomerang."


Thank you very, very much!!!

* Anonymous


  1. Hi Kim,

    Such a tough choice when our pets need extensive medical care to stay alive. Like you, I spent $5000 on my dog's care, which only bought him a few months - and not very good ones at that. I felt like maybe I was keeping him alive for me (I can't imagine going through this with a human being). It's great that Susan helped you with all that she had going on - very heartwarming.

    1. I know what you mean. Frappy was almost 5 years old. I just couldn't see putting her down at that point, and the uncle that loaned me the money for her surgery agreed. She was a good pet, my companion, and had a long life ahead of her. Unfortunately, she ruptured a disc again just five months later, and that time, surgery wasn't going to be effective. We were lucky in that those last few months *were* good ones, and I'm glad I had time to say goodbye to her with the second one. But I sure miss her. But we always miss our pets -- they almost never outlive us.

  2. Hey Kim,

    I am SO sorry about Frappy.You have one beautiful little angel looking out for you now.
    I have a very important question. The vet doing Lucy's surgery do they take CareCredit? This is charge card but for specific things including vet care. I took my cat to the vet with it and nearly every vet up here takes it. I applied for it after an emergency with my other cat cost my parents and I over 500.00 in cash I was just VERY lucky to have scrapped up at the time. I'll email you more about it.

    1. Yes, they do take CareCredit. I had a card at one time for dental work, but didn't qualify for it with Frappy's surgery. I don't know if Susan has applied for that yet or not. I will let her know about it. Thank you for reminding me!

    2. Yes, I put the surgery on my CareCredit. Only thing is the interest rate is high. With everything else going on....husband's cancer, losing my sister, I am also unemployed! I had to resign to accompany my husband for his cancer treatment in Houston last year. Although his cancer is back and he is getting local treatment for it, I haven't been able to find a job. I'm over qualified for what I have done in the past and under qualified for my degree. If I didn't already have an open CareCredit account I would not have qualified...thank goodness I had it..Lucy is recovering nicely....already walking just a little unsteady at times. I just couldn't put her down based on $$ she is still a thriving little girl who plays and lives life!

      Thank you Kim for starting the chipin...and to anyone and everyone who "chips in" to help. It was money well spent! (Kim you can post the video I put on fb of her walking if you would like)

  3. I would have lost Griffin. ( my cat) had it not been for luck and my parents. His Animal ER clinic bill was around 300.00 The other 200.00 being from a couple visits to the local vet for follow up. I found out about CareCredit during the whole ordeal and am thankful to have it for emergency's and annual check ups now. My parents also got CC.
    The CareCredit interest rate is crazy high but it should provide promotional Interest free options for anything over like 100.00. I mean its still boils down to coming up with the monthly payment but they should be giving you 6, 12, and even 18 months interest free period for charges that range in the hundreds of dollars. My parents got six months interest free to pay off a 300.00 charge for our dog.
    I am glad Lucy is doing better. I hope everything works out and I am so sorry your going through so much I could not imagine dealing with so many things. I wish I could do something but the only income I have right now is financial aid refunds. The next of which is a month away.